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As we all acknowledge, the foremost step for an Online business is to create a website. We are sharing today some noticeable web design mistakes to avoid while designing a website. In recent times, more and more people are growing their businesses through digital platforms. These digital platforms not only contain social media platforms, but also the most basic of all: websites. Each and every growing business/company has a website to rate their authenticity. Website Designing can be done in a departmentalized way or through hiring third party specialists.

With the the growing trends in the field of website designing, anything and everything is possible. All the designers focus on providing authentic and attractive works. But, they should also keep in mind the basics that they might forget and the web design mistakes that they might make.

What is a website?

Website is a cluster of web pages that are connected together to represent and market any particular object. For example, when you visit a website related to any hair product, you click on one link to open another page. This means you’re shifting from one web page to another.

Every website has a unique set of web pages, only applicable to their own links. Websites are of various natures such as Educational websites, Shopping websites, informational websites and many more. To have a basic understanding of how a website works, each web developer and designer should have specialized understanding of the same.

Websites provide a medium to the marketers to provide through which they are able to promote, advertise and grow their company. Most basic function of websites is to attract users by providing them with a platform which would provide basic and authentic information of the company.

What is Website Design?

Website Design is the design of the visible web page, which is also known as the framework of any website. In earlier years, websites were only developed for desktop viewing purposes. But in recent times, with the growing usage of mobile phones, websites are developed for both the platforms: desktops and mobiles.

A website design focuses on:

1) The layout of the website.

2) The appearance of the website.

3) In some cases, the content of the website.

4) And the elements in the website.

Top 5 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

One has to be very specific about how designing a website is a very delicate task. Even if it’s a a specialist that’s working, web design mistakes are a common part of any mortal life. Many companies struggle in establishing an aesthetic that improves the number of conversions and earns money. Your website has to be stunning. However, it should also bring in revenue. Many businesses make the error of focusing on a style that looks attractive instead of one increasing conversion rates.

By putting in constant efforts, you can drastically boost the amount of traffic as well as leads. Sales your site are also generated. The first step is to identify each of the flaws that harm your site.

5 main mistakes that you can make while designing are:

1) Rejected Design Forms

The concept of consistency is among the top practical usability concepts: when things behave in the same way and users don’t need to be concerned about what might take place. Instead, they are aware of what will occur based on their previous experiences. The more users’ expectations are proven true, the more they’ll feel at ease with the system and be satisfied with it. So, the designer should be regularly aware of the needs of the users. Most designers go for a look that they feel is right for the company, not keeping customers as a parameter.

2) Uncertain Fonts

Nowadays, a majority of designers mess up the font formats. The font should have a particular size, font style and color, followed with a constant look. Often change of font format can bring a feel of unease, side by side making it unappealable. As you can relate to, no one go for an unappealable look. A designer should always keep in mind how he works to impress the users of the website. Users may be considered as the general public browsing the site or the company personnel itself.

3) Unresponsive Design

If any of us went through the features of an ideal website, the main and primary feature is that it has responsive design. A responsive design refers to a design that would be accessible and responsive on any device, may it be an iPhone, a windows desktop or an Android. Most designers work on desktop style designing, which hinders when opened on a mobile phone. This is one of the major web design mistakes.

4) Uncolored visited links

A website design includes links, maybe outsourced or internal. These links provide a connection to different web pages that are not necessarily a part of your own website. These links, once checked out, are very confusing to a user. Any user may find it difficult to realize whether they have visited the link before or not. To avoid this, the links should be colored after visiting them. It’s the job of the designer to make this work. This is the most common mistake that is seen in a web design, which confuses the users a lot.

5) Usage of PDFs

The majority of users do not like opening a PDF file while browsing because it interrupts their flow. Any user can complete basic tasks such as document printing and saving, but that is not the function of a website. The worst part is that PDF is a labyrinth of information that is difficult to organize. The format PDF is perfect for printing and sharing manuals and many other documents of a large size. It should be reserved for this. Any content that is read on a screen should be converted to actual web pages.


Mistakes are a vital part of our life but learning from those mistakes makes a person experienced and better in whatever they pursue. Same goes for web designing. A web designer can cover up and edit any web design mistakes done to make the website approachable. People find it interesting when a web designer forms a website with trends but still keeps the accessibility and usability in mind.

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