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In the era of digitalization, companies have definitely started depending on social media. This in turn leads to an increase in usage of social media to market their brands, services, or products amongst the consumers. Social media marketing and consumer inclination is directly proportional in triggering the growth and the prospects of the company or the brand.

Consumers are a very big part of this sector, wherein they are influenced by various strategies. These strategies are perfectly derived by the company’s departments, or by hiring social media marketers. They are specialized in their own areas of promoting?

What is social media marketing?

As a lay man would contemplate, marketing through social media is mere posting on all the social media platforms. However it holds more significance than this. If the consumer is indecisive or needs any assistance or is unable to come to the store, then these platforms give them the opportunity to connect with the medium. 

Social media platforms only provide scope for buying and selling of products but also the service formulated to create brand awareness. Public relations (PR) activities can also accomplish with the help of these platforms. PR can help in improving the goodwill or can in turn lead to defamation. 

Social media can divide into 5 parts, of which collaborative projects rank the highest in importance. It is when two or more people work together. Exactly like Wikipedia, where anyone can write or edit without any hindrance. Likewise, at Prodemy India, creative individuals come together and promote the brand with innovatory ideas, which they persistently post on their media.

What is consumer inclination?

It all starts with the consumer decision-making process. This starts with recognizing the need followed by the research where the consumer tends to ask their friends or families about the product they wish to buy. Now comes the role of the business where they acknowledge the wants and come up with specific tactics or schemes to attract the consumers to buy their product.

consumer inclinations influenced by some of the most common factors like pricing, quantity, and quality.

  1. Price: In India, consumers tend to buy product according to the price, say if the price falls under their budget then they tend to compromise on other factors but price.
  2. Quantity: It is also a very important factor for the consumers, they buy the product when they tend to receive a much larger quantity compared to others. 
  3. Quality: It comes after quantity and price but still holds a very significant role in decision making of the consumers. Therefore, consumers look for attractive and worthy products which satisfies their wants followed by quantity and price.

Relationship between Social media marketing and consumer inclination:

Social media has become an essential instrument for communication. People worldwide use social media to connect with other people and organizations.

 They share their experiences worldwide using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Customers provide product reviews, service information, food or health advice, product warnings, tips on utilizing specific products, and much more. 

Because people on social media have so many connections, content is digested by a large number of people. This knowledge has an impact on consumers and their purchase behaviors. 

SMM has a direct impact on consumer psychology. Where they tend to trigger the subconscious mind with most effective and efficient ways.

One of the most used tricks is the use of the color red. Which has a direct impact on the mind of the consumer. Red color can mostly use by news channels as it is the most attractive color and contains a higher frequency for it to reach the naked eye first. Grocery shopping malls also implement such strategies by denoting discounts with the color red. It makes it easier for the consumers to become aware of their ongoing schemes. These grocery malls also set two complementary products very far from each other so that customer has to travel to find them both, and in between has a chance to buy things, not in their wish-list. This also impacts impulsive buying where the consumer buys more than they require. 


Social media marketing may help your company develop by bringing in new customers by turning to YouTube, Instagram for promotion. 

Social media can influence consumer buying behavior, which includes content, images, promotions, discounts, and influencers. Brands and enterprises can’t ignore the impact of social media on consumer behavior. As it helps companies grow by increasing sales and profit margins. 

Hence social media has a direct impact on consumer inclination.

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