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Prodemy is a well-known PPC service in Delhi that creates goals for your business’s PPC advertisement and results in advanced success. Our PPC experts assess, design, and execute effective paid advertising campaigns. We create PPC advertisements with the right balance of data and creativity that are surely impactful and successful.

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We are the most affordable marketing company for a PPC service in Delhi. We are a marketing agency where one can find multiple services in one place, whether it’s PPC ads, website designing, landing page audits, and many more for the progressive ad campaign of the business. That is why we are the most affordable and excellent PPC service in Delhi to hire. As PPC experts, we focus on providing excellent services to our clients at the most reasonable prices to build the most trusting and long-lasting relationships possible.

What Shines Our PPC Service in Delhi more than others?

Adword Account audit

Our PPC expert in Delhi handles regular audits of clients’ AdWords accounts to perfectly group and manage the running ad campaign according to the Quality Score of the landing page where the ad directs visitors.


The remarketing process involves targeting those audiences who have visited the website before. Our experts in PPC service in Delhi show relevant ads to such audiences to boost the rate of conversion.


At Prodemy India, we create high-quality advertisement campaigns with the goal of generating the most leads and conversions possible through A/B testing of ad campaigns that our PPC expert in Delhi creates.

Reporting & Insight

We strictly maintain transparent relationships with our clients with regular, detailed reporting services about the ad campaign’s performance. The PPC marketing report includes the stats of clicks, impressions, ROI, and CTR.

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Ads that appear on the search result page are more likely to get 45% more page clicks. Audiences who click on the ads have twice as many chances to buy products and services.   

Lead Generation Ad
A lead generation ad is used to collect data about the ad visitors who have clicked on the ad and visited the website, which can be counted as potential clients to target further.
E-Commerce Sales Ad
E-commerce ads are basically shopping ads with pictures and descriptions of the products that a user searches for. If your ad matches the search criteria, then your ad appears to the searcher, and that visitor is more likely to convert into a potential customer.
App Installations Ad
App installations, as the name suggests, are used to allow the user to instal the application directly from the ad. The app installation redirects users to the app store to encourage them to instal the application.
Call and Enquiries Ad
Call and enquiry ads are primarily intended to entice people to call your company and can only appear on mobile phones or other devices that can make calls. When someone clicks on the ad, it directs them to dial the number mentioned to call the business.
Video Promotions Ad
Video promotion ads are a marketing strategy to promote products and services through video. A video promotion ad involves creating a short and informative video about what you need to promote and advertise for any goal or purpose.

First, We analyse then We advertise.


Our Pay Per Click




 When we consult with our clients, we try to get information about their products and services and what goals they want to achieve or expect. Once the experts of our PPC service in Delhi get to know every single detail of our project, we consult with our clients.


Competitor Analysis

We do complete research about the competitor’s websites and businesses to create unique and progressive PPC ad campaigns. The comprehensive analysis assists our client’s business in successfully overcoming competitive ad campaigns.


Ongoing PPC Campaign Tracking:

Then we analyse the ongoing PPC campaign and its performance, and then we strategize the next ad campaign for the business’s growth.


Keyword Research:

First, the entire researched list of keywords created by the experts of our PPC service in Delhi will be considered a target in the campaign for the generation of more specific ads.


Campaign Building:

 Campaign building is the last and most important stage, where the experts of our agency’s PPC service in Delhi put all of our researched pieces of information and strategies into a campaign that runs well.


Landing Page Generation:

The optimisation of the landing page is an important component in increasing the ad campaign’s quality score and getting the ad campaign running at the lowest possible cost per click that generates the highest ROI. 

Things to Know?

Bid: In PPC ads the bidding is determined by how much can an advertiser is willing to pay for someone to click on your ad. Whale an advertiser may pay less than the bid depending on the ad auction. Advertisers won’t have to pay more than the bid.  

Targeting: Targeting can influence the cost of PPC, from keywords to demographics. Bidding cost per click CPC can result in higher on a competitive keyword. 

Ad quality: The quality score is also important in Pay-per-click advertising. Any advertiser can’t pay to get into PPC Because the network of google ads considers the quality and relevancy of ads. A high-quality ad can cost lower than low-quality ads.

If an advertiser is partnering with the agency of PPC service in Delhi, Always choose the Best PPC company in Delhi which values your budget. Hiring a PPC company in Delhi that seriously values your budget like their own can be full of loss of spending amount. Working with an agency like prodemy India can give advertisers the confidence to run a cost-effective campaign. 

Facebook ads, Google ads Twitter ads are the most famous advertising platforms for PPC ads. All these platforms demand different strategies to advertise properly to get successful results and to get the best hire agency for Prodemys’ PPC service in Delhi.  We are a well-known PPC expert in Delhi because of our top-notch services.

There are numerous benefits of advertising through PPC. Running a PPC ad’s major benefit includes cost efficiency because you only pay a specific amount when a user clicks and reaches your website. You can choose to spend a maximum or minimum amount as you want. You can choose your audience according to your demographics. Advertising with the help of an agency of PPC service in Delhi gets you more benefits. Hiring our PPC expert in Delhi is good value for money. Our PPC company in Delhi have one of the best PPC experts in  Delhi. We are truly good value for your money. 

According to the ad network and ad type, PPC can manage in various different ways.  

Consequently, if you run a Google ad, you can anticipate:


  • A user uses a search engine like Google to conduct a search.
  • Google starts the auction for advertising by gathering all pertinent ads and their Quality Scores.
  • To determine an Ad Rank, the auction considers each ad’s bid, quality, and prospective impact.
  • The ads are delivered by Google in ascending order by ad rank.

If you are searching for a PPC service in Delhi and want to boost your sales then we the most promising solution for your search. Prodemy India’s agency professionals of PPC Service In Delhi Help you to advertise. 

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