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Prepare to impress your digital aspirations by extending your reach, reaching sales targets, and using smarter remarketing. Obtain immediate reach with our PPC experts’ solution, which is a highly cost-effective way. Prodemy will sow the seeds of good ROI with detailed analysis during excavation and investigation of the most important keywords.

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PPC, being a keyword-based selling strategy, completely different search keywords and phrases are appointed a price by Prodemy’s PPC marketing management systems like Ad words supported their search volume, difficulty, and quantity of competition. As bigger the keyword value, a lot of marketers contend for identical keywords.


Pay-per-click advertising from our facet is relevant to your targeted demographics and targeted audience, as well as valuable keywords, high click-through rates (CTRs), and Associate in making direct prospects to an SEO-optimized landing page to amass a decent Quality Score

Our team can use Ad auctions for Google pay per click and alternative Pay Per Click advertising. because it is that the search engine’s machine-driven procedure for crucial the connexion and legitimacy of advertising that displays on its SERPs. So as to enhance your ad position and minimize the value per click, Prodemy India makes certain your Google pay-per-click advertising has a good Quality Score (CPC).

Our PPC Services Includes

  • Keyword Suggestions
  • PPC Copywriting
  • Bid Management
  • Search Advertising
  • Conversion / Call / Sales Tracking
  • Performance Reporting

Our team will make sure that we have properly set up the tracking, which helps us in getting all the needed data to optimize the accounts and move ahead for increasing sales and Return on Investment (ROI).

Our PPC Services Includes

Initially, we tend to ensure to acquaint ourselves with our client’s trade sector, business, and competitors to create a method that’ll deliver the client’s wants on time. in conjunction with it, we tend to produce reports that provide purposeful insights into what’s happening with the client’s PPC campaign, what was achieved since the last report, what your competitors do, and the way your paid search is functioning.

Our team can ensure that we’ve got properly got wind of the pursuit, which helps us in obtaining all the required knowledge to optimize the accounts and move ahead for increasing sales and come on Investment (ROI).


In the very first step of pay-per-click services, we try to understand your business niche by asking you few general questions:

  • On the basis of your answers to these questions provide us enough information to start analyzing your niche.
  • We use the best tactics in the market to analyze your business marketing needs.
  • With many years of experience in pay-per-click campaign services, our team will help aid the improvement of performance by measuring and tracking data in order to fine-tune our advertisements.

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Our procedures that will convey the client’s requirements on time:

  • We make ourselves acquainted with our client’s industry area, business, and contenders to make a procedure that will convey the client’s requirements.
  • We start a PPC crusade for your business, which permits you to accomplish designated leads from the PPC lobby.
  • Being one of the top compensation per-click organizations, we assist you with changing your business into a major notable brand with enormous traffic, more leads, and bunches of deals.

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  • We make exceptionally suitable promotion gatherings and persuasive advertisements, picking watchwords in view of client and business purpose alongside essential offerings.
  • We work on the PPC methodologies by organizing your current missions or setting new records whenever distinguished for expanded ROI.

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We ensure that we have appropriately set up the following, which helps us in getting every one of the required information to streamline the records and push forward for expanding deals and ROI. There are two types of focusing on :

Information streamlining is significant for your organization, as it empowers information-driven direction, and further develops business efficiencies and amplification of deals.

  • Data optimization is important for your company, as it helps enable data-driven decision-making, improves business efficiencies and maximization of sales. 
  • Targeted audience optimization is important as it helps Improve  Marketing Ability, Prioritize Resources, Increases Planning Precision and  provides more information to Lenders

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We make reports which give significant bits of knowledge into what’s going on with the client’s PPC crusade, what was accomplished since the last report, what your rivals are doing, and the way that your paid hunt is working.

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Why Prodemy India?

Prodemy India, one of the best PPC company in Delhi, creates Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies for your company that can result in new advertising stats for your company’s ‘Advanced Success.’ Our PPC experts in Delhi assess, design, and execute effective paid advertising campaigns. We create Pay Per Click advertising that has a significant impact using a balance of data-driven expertise and creativity.

Our PPC Management can drive a lot of traffic to your site, which will help you attract and retain customers and generate more leads. Although value campaigns may be complex and time-consuming, our team of highly qualified PPC expert in Delhi will aid you with selecting the proper catchphrases, managing deals, and minimizing your overall advertising expenses.

We use PPC management to assist you to reach out to a unique market client base. Our experts at Prodemy India, the best PPC company in India, examine all aspects of your PPC campaigns to refine and improve the fundamental elements for a greater and more favorable Return on Investment (ROI).

Know Prodemy's Client

What is PPC ?

Promoted posts are a simple approach to increasing the number of people who see your Facebook postings. Promoted posts are similar to native ads or sponsored content in the social media industry. A promoted post appears in the same way as any other post in a user’s newsfeed.

What does boosting a post imply? When you boost a post on social media, you pay social media networks to increase the reach of one of your existing posts to your followers, a recommended audience, or a targeted audience. On your audience’s feed, it will seem like a sponsored post.

Do people really click on my PPC ads?

Ads in search results are often targeted to a specific audience and account for nearly half of all page hits. In comparison to an organic visitor, users who click on paid adverts are frequently ready to make a decision and hence more likely to buy a product or service. Your ads are targeted for internet users looking for your type of business with PPC ads. This might have a big impact on your profit margins.

What is the average cost of a PPC Campaign ?

The cost of conducting a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign differs. The type of industry you’re in, the type of business you have, and the size of your company are all cost factors. Your PPC ad campaign’s costing will be influenced by these factors. The type of plan you’re implementing can also have an impact on pricing. Your ad expenditure as well as professional services from your selected PPC agency are included in the pricing.

How do I set Budget (bid) for my PPC Ad?

Your PPC expenditures must be computed using your bid, targeting, and ad quality as inputs. Your bid is the amount of money you’re willing to pay for a user to click on your ad. You place your bid in an ad auction, and the highest bidder wins, so you may spend less than your original price, but never more. All components of your aim, from the phrases you're ranking for to the demographics of your audience, are considered targeting considerations. The higher the prices, the more competitive you want to be. Bidding on a highly competitive term, for example, is more expensive due to the higher cost-per click (CPC). Google keeps an eye on the quality of your adverts as well.

Why I should advertise with PPC ads?

PPC is a versatile internet advertising approach that allows you to set a budget and change it as needed. Most significantly, unlike traditional advertising or digital marketing initiatives, you can directly target your desired demographic. The information gathered from PPC campaign data is priceless since it gives you a better understanding of your consumers behaviour. In search results, your sponsored advertising campaigns appear ahead of all organic results, allowing you to outrank your competition quickly and bolstering your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

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