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Prepare to impress your digital ambitions by broadening your reach and exceeding your sales goals with our Pay Per Click Advertising strategies. We will sow the seeds in all major advertising platforms for you; all you have to do is sit back and watch your brand grow over time.


Prodemy India as your PPC Agency?

Hiring the services of Prodemy India Pay Per Click advertising gets you the advantage of PPC Services to ease your online marketing:


Which is the Right Strategy for Your Brand?

The major difference between SEO & PPC is that the traffic generated and comes from SEO is Organic while the traffic which comes from PPC is paid. Cost is deducted on basis of paying a cost per click as the name implies.

SEO’s organic traffic is continuous when your website ranks on the first page as the practice is done to keep the website ranking in one of the top positions. In Pay Per Click advertising you can get more clicks when you pay more. 

In SEO you can get the first page on the top position only if the website is optimized as per the search engine norms on both terms on-page and off-page.PPC can get the ads on the top position by paying a higher cost per click.    

Neither the SEO Nor the Pay Per Click advertising is easy to do when one has no experience or skills & knowledge, SEO takes months or even years to rank on top or not rank at all. On the other hand, to get good results in PPC hiring PPC specialists is important    

The bottom line is that whether it’s PPC or SEO both are important for marketing. PPC brings faster results through Pay Per Click advertising campaigns and with SEO the analysation of keywords can be done which converts better to rank on those keywords  

What Is Pay Per Click and How Does It Work?

Grow Your Business With Optimized Paid Search Campaigns

PPC is a marketing channel that helps to advertise to almost all the platforms of marketing partners google. The most common way you find to market a new business online is through google ads. Google ads are the simple reason that gives access to reach a larger and broader audience of potential customers & clients as well as the numerous multiple and different methods to set up and run campaigns depending on the goals of the business. Pay Per Click advertising works on a cost-per-click and higher bidding auction for ad positions. 

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Search Ads

We create ads for the upliftment and advertisement of websites for the specific search term on which a website business is based to reach the majority of the right targeted audience. Basically google search ad is an advertising service through which google allows businesses to appear on its advertising networks and search results 

Display Ads

With Display ads, we serve clients ads on the google display network that reach over 90% of internet users across the globe and have a collection of over two million websites.  With google search ads, Display ads are widely shown on the articles, videos or websites platforms that consumers browse.

Local Services

 Local services ads work almost the same as search ads this also helps you connect with people who search for the same services that our clients offer but the ads are only area-specific it will show up for customers in the client’s area, and the payment can only be deducted when the customer contacts directly through the ad. 

Remarketing Ads

After analysing and researching we target and create the remarketing ads to reach those audiences who have visited the website before and might have interested. Also, there are two types of remarketing ads standard and dynamic remarketing. They both follow the same tenet of tracking previous customers but the dynamic goes a little further. 

Social Media Ads

Advertisements that are meant to be on social media platforms and given to potential customers on social media are social media ads. Social networks fetch users’ information to provide highly relevant ads for interaction based on inside a platform. Social media ads can post on one or many Facebook pages, groups and profiles. 

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a type of ad that features details about specific products that our clients sell. The difference between search ads and shopping ads is that a search ad needs the PPC specialist to put keywords sourced that wanted to be focused whereas shopping ads are sourced by getting the keywords from the product titles and descriptions.

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Prodemy’s PPC Management

Steps for Ad campaigns


Descriptive campaign name:

The first step is to create the most descriptive advertisement campaign name.


Demographic Targeting:

Demographics Targeting includes locations, languages, devices etc that the campaign will target.


Budget and bidding:

Daily ads budget will be decided as per the bidding and PPC cost how much you will spend and how.


Ad groups:

One ad group shares one set of targeted keywords. There can be several ad groups within a campaign



Keywords are the set of words that are searched by a majority so the ad will display when someone searches for it.



Ads campaign include an effective headline, ad copy, a display URL and a link to a specific landing page.

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